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A guide for the greater community of El Morro, Ramah, La Tinaja, El Morro Ranches, Candy Kitchen, Timberlake, Pine Meadows, Pine Hill, Mountain View and surrounding areas

The way in is a beautiful, winding road that follows along an ancient way traveled for over 1000 years by the puebloan peoples of the Zuni and Acoma Pueblos, the Spanish Conquistadors in search of the 7 cities of gold, and the American pioneers seeking a better life out west.  

 The road winds through tall ponderosa pines, past a mountain chain of volcanic craters, vast lava fields, steadily climbing over the Continental Divide, and then winding down into the awe inspiring El Morro Valley Area at 7300 feet above sea level.

One of the most remarkable, amazing aspects of El Morro Valley, besides the wild natural beauty, the rich, ancient cultural history and hundreds of Anasazi ruins, is the amazing “live and let live” community that calls this remote place home.  Our community is made up of a very unique collection of open minded homesteaders, artists, retirees, entrepreneurs, hippies, LGBT's & individualists… most here to “Get Back To The Garden”.  Most of us live on our own land, widely scattered over a vast, sparsely populated, high desert region from Zuni Pueblo, 30 miles West,  to the Continental Divide, 15 miles to the East, and from the slopes of the Zuni Mountains 10 miles to the north, to Candy Kitchen and Pinehill, 15 miles to the south.

Living along this ancient way is not for everyone. Many excited folks move here expecting a laid back life in paradise and within 6 months, a year or two they are gone.

It takes a special sort of person to accept the unique challenges that are part of our day-to-day life.  Just ask the locals for their perspective on what it is really like to live in remote El Morro Valley. You'll find their answers very interesting.  For those of us who can embrace  the challenges with a smile, and make the best of them, the rewards of living along the ancient way are truly wonderful.

Some homesteaders jokingly refer to our community thusly…

Welcome to the El Morro Valley Area

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El Morro Valley Area

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“We’re all here… because we’re not all there!”

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